The city at the end of the 18th century @ Il terzo Ampliamento barocco

Of Beltramo Antonio Re from Ada Peyrot, Vittorio Viale, Immagini di Torino nei secoli, Torino 1973

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The city at the end of the 18th century

The Turin map of 1799, drawn up on the basis of the engraving by Beltramo Antonio Re, shows some changes compared to the previous one of 1751, by the same author. Via Milano appears to be completed with a lozenge widening in front of the Basilica Mauriziana realized; almost finished there is also the Via Corte d'Appello. The Alfieri project of Via and Piazza Palazzo di Città is under construction, but the extension of the municipal building is still missing. The plant, in addition to the name of the saints, shows the number of blocks. From number 1 to 18 are those of the third expansion, newly built, between the Juvarrian Military Districts and the Savoy Square.

In the map of 1799, the coat of arms of the Cisalpine Republic and the inscription ".. the seventh year of the French Republic and the first of Piedmontese freedom"

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