The Spina Centrale project

The term "Spina" refers to an important infrastructural intervention that has affected a vast area of the city of Turin, determining a new urban and territorial order. In general, the transformation project involved the reorganisation or completion of large areas, some of which were industrial but disused, others bordering on the railway line. In fact, the coverage of the railway plan that crosses the city in a north-south direction for 10 km has represented the most important body of all the interventions, taking the name of "spina centrale", or central spine, on which the other interventions have been grafted, in sequence, involving four areas of the city that have taken the name of Spina 1, 2, 3 and 4. The "Spina centrale", located on the railway link, provided for a partial burying of the train transit and led to a radical redesign of the road system, allowing a reconnection between those neighbourhoods historically divided by the level railway.

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