A majestic palace around the courtyard. @ Palazzo dell'ex Arsenale

from Compagnia di San Paolo

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A majestic palace around the courtyard.

The majestic palace a square-plan covers an area of 190 x 165 miters. The De Vincenti project that we see today has a rational and unitary aspect, but in the same time is in continuity with the Turinese architecture of at least one century. In the external part the giant order with the pattern of double pilasters supported on the modulated cornice came back. Also, the angular entrance incorporates the position of porches on the lateral sides of palaces and churches, common in the area. The present angular entrance with the lateral columns on which there is two statues of Artillery and Genious is made on 1890 by the captain Marrullier, modifying in part the De Vincenti’s original project

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