The miracle of Turin

The story tells of some soldiers who plundered the village of Exilles in Val di Susa, stealing, among other things, a ostensory with the consecrated host in the church. It was the 1453, in the period of endless border fights with the French, the thieves came to Turin to sell the spoils and here, almost at the gates of the city where there was the market, the load felt from the back of the donkey and the consecrated host, instead of ending up on the ground, remained hovering in the air. Even the animal kneeled and the thieves can not lif it up to be able to get away with the stolen goods. Everything remains immovable, until the bishop puts a glass under the host, carrying it in procession to the Duomo. Over the centuries the event is remembered as the Miracle of Turin.

Engraving by Claudio Francesco Beaumont and Bonaventura Hoeltzel, realized in 1753, in the third centenary of the miracle

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