Frescoes by Luca Cambiaso

Luca Cambiaso, artist of the Genoese school, together with Giovanni Battista Castello called the Bergamasco, realizes the frescoes during the sixteenth-century remaking. Particularly important is the representation of Saint Matthew and the miracle of the Dragons of Ethiopia. The episode is taken from the "Golden Legend" by Jacopo da Varazze and tells of the evangelist’s sermon in Ethiopia. Here the saint contrasts the terrible evils of two magicians who, as a last attempt, unleash against him two dragons. Matthew, in the name of God, orders the two creatures to go away and do no hurt to anyone. In the work inside the church, Cambiaso represents the moment of maximum tension of the story: Saint Matthew, raising his hand in a benedictory way , invokes the name of God and drives away the two dragons. The two animals, tamed, submit lying on the floor.

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