Beams of light during the solstice

The Middle Ages fascinated some scholars because it seems rich in mysteries and traces of lost drawings. For example, a study on the orientations of Romanesque churches, conducted by Riccardo Balestreri shows that: "The church has many affinities with San Donato: the most impressive and unexpected are linked to the meridian lines passing through the windows that open on the right side. The lower limit of the blades of light touches the centerline of the right aisle on the summer solstice and that of the left aisle on the winter solstice. At the equinoxes, two blades of light touch the north-east corner of the corresponding columns. The churches of S. Donato and SS. Cosma and Damiano seem to manifest a common design. It is possible that a double meaning has been assigned to the longitudinal axis of the building: the indication of a fixed feast of the universal Church (with its direction towards the East) and of a fixed feast of the Genoese Church (with its intersections with the noon lines). "

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