A small tower

In the small church the transept sleeve is higher than the nave, and a bell tower (called "nolare") is placed above the central arch, with two orders of openings. The upper one, corresponding to the bells, consists of eight mullioned windows with colonnades of white marble. These small towers are quite widespread in Ligurian Romanesque (in Genoa, in addition to the well-known one of S. Donato, which is higher and more decorated, there was the tower in S. Marco, in S. Bartolomeo del Promontorio, and above all S. Lorenzo tower, replaced in the 16th century by the dome).

From the photo, shown in "the secrets of the alleys of Genoa", you can see the external staircase, necessary because the tower has no internal stairs. To ring the bells, the strings hang on the side of the main altar.

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