One saint, two saints, one saint

The history of the saints of the church is strange: it was named after a Lombard Damian, then the relics of Cosma arrived and after a few decades, with great fanfare, San Damiano's bones (the saint martyred in Cilicia with Cosma) were delivered. Genoa, like the rest of the world, kneels before the two saints. Anyway, the church is now known as S.Cosimo, the parish has been refering to it like this for a long time, so much so that the narrow street behind is calle d "behind the choir of S.Cosimo". In toponymy Cosma became Cosimo and was left alone. The two Damian have disappeared.

In the photo the statues and the reliquary venerated in the church. The statues have the "uniform of the order" of medical saints, as in tradition, which treats them as twins distinguished only by the different colors of the robes.

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