The Juvarra's imprint on the city project (1700) @ Via Garibaldi

from Andreina Griseri e Gianni Romano Filippo Juvarra a Torino

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The Juvarra's imprint on the city project (1700)

The first Juvarra's projects of the west side of the city, which was still characterized by a medieval system, concerned rectification and renovation of Via Milano in the direction of the nord door and Via Corte d'Appello in the direction of the west door. The two projects anticipated - or maybe found in it their accomplishment - the 1736 edict to "straighten Via Dora Grossa". The Juvarra's project dictates the rules of the entire urban policy of 1700 by supporting the renovation of the system built along the main axes, by promoting a sense of unity and a urban-scaled design.

The 1750 design shows all the correction plans of the main axes in the west of the city: Via Milano, via Corte d'Appello e via del Carmine, via Palazzo di Città e via Garibaldi.

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