The districts of Santa Teresa and San Filippo @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Tommaso Borgonio from Città di Torino, Theatrum Sabaudiae, Volume I, 1984

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The districts of Santa Teresa and San Filippo

The first important buildings on the Via Santa Teresa stand at the same time as the palaces of the Piazza Reale. The street has no commercial vocation, is characterized by buildings open on gardens, among which stands out the large mass of Palazzo Provana del Guarini, and two churches, dedicated to Saint Joseph and Saint Teresa. In the eighteenth century there will be added remarkable buildings, such as Palazzo Ricca dello Juvarra; the lots will be completed and the 5-storey buildings will be raised, thus creating uniform curtains. The district of San Filippo, in continuation with the street on the other side of the square, will remain for some time occupied by the fortifications. Towards the end of the seventeenth century will be built majestic palaces with gardens, such as Palazzo Asinari and Palazzo Cisterna.

The district of Santa Teresa takes its name from the large church that occupies the second block, built at the behest of Madame Real Cristina. (see POI Churches Santa Cristina and San Giuseppe, Palazzi Provana, Ricca, Caissotti, Asinari and Cisterna).

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