Porta Vittoria: the new gate to the north of the city @ Il terzo Ampliamento barocco

from a cura di Andreina Griseri e Giovanni Romano, Filippo Juvarra a Torino, Torino 1989

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Porta Vittoria: the new gate to the north of the city

The construction of the new entrance to the north of the city, the square in front of Piazza d'Armi and the district of Porta Palazzo are the most ambitious part of the project that Vittorio Amedeo II entrusts to Juvarra. The king is particularly keen to modernize this part of the capital, close to the Royal Palace, the City Hall and the Cathedral: the symbols of power will be connected to the door by the new, wide district of Porta Palazzo, the backbone of the new urban structure. The Porta Vittoria, located at the entrance of the district, at the entrance of the road towards Milan, is conceived by Juvarra as a triumphal arch that continues the line of the cornice of the buildings at the head of the street and those arcades of the square that delimit a large rectangular space, the new Piazza d'Armi.

The design of Filippo Juvarra for the Porta Vittoria planned at the entrance of the district of Porta Palazzo. The door will not be realized. The drawing is kept at Palazzo Madama.

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