The road widens and forms a small square @ Il terzo Ampliamento barocco

from Gianfranco Gritella, Juvarra, l'architettura

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The road widens and forms a small square

The presence of the pre-existing Basilica of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, placed diagonally in relation to the new axis of the district of Porta Palazzo, is incorporated in the design: Juvarra creates a square in the shape of a diamond, at the back of the two blocks of the head of the road, oriented to 45 years. compared to the street. The monumental entrances of the palaces overlook the widening, in a perfect play of symmetry, given by the same height of the cornices, by the androns in axis, by the architectural elements that are repeated on the facades, from the high corners of the buildings that confront each other creating perspectives on the side streets. The aisle of the church of San Domenico, pre-existing, will be sacrificed to allow the straight course of the road.

Scheme reproduced by Cavallari Murat, we see the eighteenth-century composition, very similar to the current, of the buildings and the church overlooking the square in the shape of a diamond.

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