A tank for the city

Sarzano is higher than the ancient city, it is the result of successive fills that have enlarged the hill of Castello, and in addition there is the aqueduct, which runs from the upper door on the walkway of the Barbarossa walls. It is the ideal place to dispose tanks, which have been buried since the Middle Ages. A guide from the 1800s says that the square "is built above the vaults which roof immense cisterns. Genoa has many underground reservoirs; thus, in siege time, even if its large aqueduct was cut off, the city was never forced to surrender due to lack of water."(Bertolotti, quoted by Paola Bottaro) Alizeri in 1846 said that he made one of the two medieval cisterns: "in 1586 (....) but as the arms of men tried to get out the big vase, it showed in his womb a mixture of skeletons, weapons and helmets, tearful leftovers of internal war." Sarzano was also the scene of crimes and duels, and the tanks keep track of them.

One cistern is under the well of Giano and the other near the church of S.Salvatore (where the well was located in ancient times)

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