A free public space @ Piazza Sarzano

Of Giacomo Brusco

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A free public space

The city has yet to climb the hill where the Castle was located since the Romans, when, in the mid-twelfth century, 12 tables of land (about 300 square meters) were sold to the congregation of S.Rufo to build a church where now San Salvatore lies. The assignment required that all the space around the church must remain free and accessible to everybody. The city government is careful to keep open the area between the cliff on the Graces' sea and the bend towards Mother of God, which a few years later will be incorporated into the walls of the Barbarossa and called Sarzano.

In the Grassi panel that reproduces the city before 1500, Sarzano shines as the only free space that frames the façade of the church of S. Salvatore.

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