Casacce and processions @ Piazza Sarzano

Of Giacomo Brusco

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Casacce and processions

In the ancient city the confraternities played an important role (lay associations, often corporate, dedicated to the honors of a saint or a religious event). In Genoa they are traditionally called "Casacce" and different from each other for their "uniforms" and the "procession machines". The most important procession (for the Assumption) started from Palazzo Ducale towards the Duomo and went up to Ravecca street until Sarzano. From 1730 with the construction of the bridge, the goal becomes the Basilica of Carignano.

On the map of Brusco (1766) in red the path of the procession, the stars are the seats of the Casacce of the neighborhood, the richest in the congregations of the city, with a dozen seats and as many churches

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