The church of San Domenico @ Via Milano

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The church of San Domenico

The gothic church of Santo Domenico on Via Porta Palazzo was one of the most ancient Churches of the city, adjacent to the Tribunal of the Inquisition and to the convent of the Dominican fathers. The adjustment of the street had to reduce a part of the church (four meters) along the right side, by demolishing one of the aisles and making some internal and external modifications. In the second half of the 18th century, Luigi Barberis projected in the right aisle the Cappella del Rosario, decorated with an altarpiece of Guercino. In the same years, the convent on the occidental side of the block, which recently became a residential complex, was amplified.

The Church of San Domenico aligned with Via Milano after the 18th century operation. The Church resumed its gothic forms after the 20th century renovation work of Brayda and De Andrade.

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