The Sant'Ignazio and Santa Croce blocks @ Via Milano

Of Carlo Emanuele Rocca from a cura di Andreina Griseri e Giovanni Romano, Filippo Juvarra a Torino, Torino 1989

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The Sant'Ignazio and Santa Croce blocks

The two big blocks, Sant'Ignazio and Santa Croce, were respectively property of de city of Turin and the Order of Santi Maurizio and Lazzaro. The renovation of the Porta Palazzo street begins from these blocks, where the demolition of the pre-existing medieval buildings in favour of new architectures was easier to establish. The new constructions should have been characterized by a strong sens of unitarity thanks to the ledge and the molding alignment, the decorative elements in continuity with the arcade buildings of the square. In order to celebrate the patrons, their respective symbols (the bull and the shield) become integrated decorations on the buildings fronts.

Plan of 1760 of the Sant'Ignazio piano nobile between Via Milano and Piazza della Repubblica

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