The Juvarra intervention @ Piazza Savoia

Of Filippo Juvarra from Filippo Juvarra Architetto delle capitali da Torino a Madrid 1714-1736

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The Juvarra intervention

After the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) and the proclamation of the Kingdom of Sicily, King Victor Amadeus II instructed Juvarra to redevelop the northwest part of the capital, replacing the Garove, who died suddenly. The main development axes are identified, which provide for the rectification and renovation of the building fabric still of medieval origin and 18 new blocks. At the same time as the project of Via Milano and Porta Palazzo, the straightening of Via del Senato (now Via Corte d'Appello) will take place and its extension beyond Piazza Susina; This new axis also corresponds to an entrance gate into the city and connects with the command area of the capital. The new Susina gate, in a western direction, towards the Rivoli Road and France, will also be designed by Juvarra.

In the printing of G.B. Borra you can see military quarters and porta Susina quarter, while in the plan of F. Juvarra of 1729, you can see square Susina et the new blocks which finish in Quarters, the new door

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