Western expansion @ Piazza Savoia

from Archivio storico Città di Torino

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Western expansion

Piazza Savoia, initially Piazza Susina, constitutes the central square of the new western expansion of the city. In 1713 Garove designed the square surrounded by important buildings. The main ones are the Martini di Cigala palace, attributed to Juvarra which completes it following the death of the Garove and the imposing Paesana di Saluzzo palace, designed by the Plantery which occupies an entire block. The building where Guido Ceronetti was born and lived is known to the Turinese for the murder of a girl who lived here in the early twentieth century and for his ghost who seems to still appear today on some nights.

The III western expansion of the city, following the enlargement of the walls, is visible in the Plan of the Royal City of Turin.

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