The edge of the government buildings

The long and monotonous sleeve that completes the enlarged Piazza is designed by Juvarra and completed by Benedetto Alfieri in the 1940s. The government buildings are addresed to the management of the Kingdom and they are not conceived as elements of prominence, but rather linked to the entire urban complex and participating to "Command Area". However, they play the role of compound and uniform margin of the large square, separating the public space from the Royal Gardens. Nowdays, the sleeve hosts the Prefecture and it continues beyond the Teatro Regio in the palace of the State Archives, designed by Juvarra and ends in the complex of the Cavallerizza.

In an engraving by Giambattista Borra of 1748, the recently sleeve along the Royal Gardens is the backdrop of the Castle, as the front of the theater, on the right, where emerges the technical parts from the cover.

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