The square of Porta Decumana

Piazza Castello was originally the space around the east gate of the Roman decumanus, probably the most important access, as evidence of the road towards Rome. The square is important for its proximity to the Cathedral and the bishop’s residence. The bishop’s palace was chosen by Emanuele Filiberto to make it his own seat, after relocating the capital of the duchy from Chambery to Turin in 1563. The architect Ascanio Vitozzi will transform it into the new ducal palace, moving the main view from the Piazza del Duomo to the Piazza del Castello, thus modifying the previous link with the ancient center of the city. The palace will be connected on one side to the Duomo and on the other to the fortress in the center of the square.

In the project of the Turin plan in the XVI century, the Square seems to be the only important space of the city, in substitution of the Roman Forum that by now is in largely occupied by buildings.

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