The completion of the porticoes system @ Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

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The completion of the porticoes system

The stretch of Viale del Re that extends beyond the Corso Re Umberto was designed in the 1870s, following the dismissal of the large square d'Armi. After intense discussions between the City Council, the Commission of Ornato, the owners of the land and the builders, the characters for the new manufacturing plan are defined: to the south of the Viale del Re the construction model will be that of the garden city with villas and buildings with gardens bordered by gates, while to the north of the Avenue will continue with large blocks of flats with arcades along the avenues and free manufacture in smaller environments. The complex of fronts on the north side of the Viale and Corso Vinzaglio completes the grandiose system of the arcades of the central area of the city.

In this image you can see the different characteristics of the new Manufacturing Plan: to the south of Viale del Re the buildings with gardens, to the north the buildings with fronts portcate on the avenues - darker - and those behind, on Via San Quintino

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