The walls at the edge of the urban renewal @ Le mura da Porta Soprana a Campo Pisano

Of Mafalda Mannu

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The walls at the edge of the urban renewal

The urban renewal of via Madre di Dio has altered the consolidated balance that has been established for centuries between the historic center and the "out of town" but now incorporated neighborhood. The walls established the boundary between the city to be recovered and the city to be demolished and rebuilt. Protests from the neighborhood have mobilized many voices in the city, and the forced "deportation" of the inhabitants has made us forget the unhappy conditions of the place, with unhealthy, dense and often unrecoverable buildings.

"Campo Pisano should not be destroyed" is written on the walls on the eve of the demolitions / 1973) In the image, the corner of the alley behind the Choir of San Salvatore which leads from Piazza Sarzano to Campo Pisano.

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