A degraded neighbourhood in the city centre @ Le mura da Porta Soprana a Campo Pisano

Of Adriano Silingardi

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A degraded neighbourhood in the city centre

Demolished in the 1970s, the area outside the medieval walls, which unites the areas surrounding Campo Pisano and via Madre di Dio, grew over the centuries with the characteristics of all the neighborhoods outside the city: high population density, poor and ultra-popular buildings, physical and social degradation. This is an unescapable fate for the neighborhood, despite its extraordinary central location just a few steps away from the business districts renewed at the beginning of the 1900s. Only after 2000, with the Faculty of Architecture, the neighbourhood started to be recovered, without the demolitions and the brutal renewal carried out in Via Madre di Dio.

Campo Pisano in a photo from around 1970. In the center, almost as a symbol of social unease, a police man

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