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The disappeared region of Misobolo

Between Montalenghe and San Giorgio, there was the ancient settlement of "Misobolum", today, the territory of San Giorgio. The settlement remains are composed of the name of an ancient chapel in the countryside, which was transformed into a real sanctuary at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The first testimonies date back to 1094 when "Ubertus Filius quondam Amidei" donated to Santa Maria di Ivrea and San Salvatore di Torino di Misobolo. Goffredo Casalis conferred his disappearance to a series of unfortunate events, such as civil wars, pestilence, and raids by the men of San Giorgio. The Misobolo was also mentioned in an eighteenth-century figurative book, now kept at the land registry of San Giorgio: in which it was declared its ownership of most of the assets of Montalenghe, San Giusto, and San Giorgio. Probably, the community of Montalenghe had not provided an appropriate location for the settlement, therefore, the “misobolitani” had to go to live between San Giorgio, the Gerbido (now called San Giusto), and the Foglizzo. Moreover, it seems that Saint George had brought a lawsuit against the Montalenghese community in order to obtain the region of Misobolo, but only in 1540, the Senate of Casale agreed to the subdivision required.

Today Sanctuary of Misobolo.

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