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A name with German origins

The origin of the name of the municipality is rather discussed, however, every reconstruction seems to show great attention to the relationship with the environment. The word “Montalenghe” appeared for the first time in a document of 1156: at this point, Count Guido del Canavese wanted to cede control over the bridge of the Dora river of Mazzè (located between the Canavese and Vercellese areas) to a consortium of the area of San Giorgio, Agliè and, in fact, "Montalengus". The word Montalenghe is derived from the union of “Monte” (mountain) and the German word “adeling”, or “allo”. Moreover, there is another version that says that this word is derived from the German word "Al" and the suffix "ing", with the word "monte" before: the final result is "Monte abitato dai figli di Al" (Mountain inhabited by the sons of Al). Finally, a current of thought declares that Montalenghe is derived from Latin, with the meaning “expanded village with tongue shape in a wooden location”.

Montalenghe's photograph shows its close relationship with the landscape.

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