The pavilion Territorio @ Museo di Antichità - Riqualificazione

Of Sédy Václav from Urban Center Metropolitano

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The pavilion Territorio

Designed and built in 1998 by Roberto Gabetti and Aimaro Origlia d'Isola, it connects the semi-undergrounded halls of the New Wing of Palazzo Reale with the Orangeries which rise on the northern boundary of the Giardini Inferiori. The partially undergrounded structure was designed as a big greenhouse that gets any sunlight through a glass-stained covering. It houses archeological artifacts of the Piedmontese territory from prehistory to the Early Middle Ages.

The National Archaeological Museum, Gabetti & Isola, G. Drocco, E. Moncalvo, 1982-1984; picture by Václav Sédy.

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