The little orphan of Messina

Oraziella, a ten-year-old girl, is living happily with her parents in comfort and serenity when, one bad day, she is struck down by a terrible illness: in spite of assiduous care and medication, the girl dies, leaving her parents in despair. At home, the child's place at the table remains empty, and her parents place a bouquet of flowers there every day. But one day Oraziella reappears like a gentle vision, and with her little hand invites her parents to watch a scene appear, the image of the Messina earthquake and the rescue of a little girl from the rubble. The vision then fades and the parents have understood the message: yes, they will make one of those poor orphans happy and their little girl will rejoice up there in heaven.

The Little Orphan of Messina (S.A. Ambrosio, 1909)

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