The De Vincenti's project @ Palazzo dell'ex Arsenale

from a cura di Politecnico di Torino, Forma Urbana ed Architettura nella Torino Barocca, 1968

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The De Vincenti's project

The De Vincenti project is characterized by big unity of the modular system of squares, by about 6 meters on sides, on which there are cross vaults. The square mesh is present along the whole perimeter of the building and expands in correspondence of eight halls, situated in the corner and in the center of the four sides, higher and slightly protruding compared to the factory. Cavallari Murat writes: “it is necessary to image critically as a building hanging, without the partitions walls, installed after, that prevent the view of the entire area, only with the pilasters with below it cannons and machines of the wonderful weapons techniques, obtained in Piemonte in imitation of contemporary French, Prussian and Austrian techniques

In the Cavallari’s graphical representation the square mesh is visible and present on whole building. At the beginning, the ground floor was a porch without walls and so the interior was visible.

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