A neighborhood serving the Duke @ Residenze Sabaude - L'Accademia Reale

from Theatrum Sabaudiae

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A neighborhood serving the Duke

In the last quarter of 1600, the expansion of the city towards the Po was partly promoted by the need of the Duke, about to become King, to equip his power with institutions and services worthy of a modern state. Castellamonte, architect of the Court, is commissioned to draw up a grandiose project of equipment for the State, the Nobles and the Army. Castellamonte incorporates in a uniform but very well organized architecture, a theater, the Zecca, sleeves for cavalry and, in the center, and, in the main place, the Royal Academy, with the gigantic courtyard.

In the Theatrum sabaudiae (1674) the Castellamonte project (at the time with construction sites still to be opened) is put in the foreground as a new noble palace (note the absence of the Theater, added later)

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