Gardens @ Residenze Sabaude - Villa della Regina

Of Francesco Corni from Francesco Corni

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Entering from the main avenue of the villa we find ourselves immediately in front of the Gran Rondeau, a large elliptical square, characterized by a wonderful fountain in the middle of a double staircase; In the center of the fountain is depicted Neptune surrounded by 12 statues of river deities. We go up the staircase and we find ourselves in a rectangular courtyard, also equipped with a fountain, the so-called "siren" as a result of the statue that we find inside. On the sides of the large rectangle we find a parterre of boxwood hedges, and a grove, characteristic elements of the Italian garden. If we go out on the back of the villa, we see the majesty of the amphitheatre garden, dug into the hill on three levels divided by rows of boxwood hedges.

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