The railway station on "the King's avenue" @ Porta Nuova (stazione ferroviaria)

from Archivio storico Città di Torino

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The railway station on "the King's avenue"

When the first section of railway is inaugurated in 1848, it is decided to situate the station on "the king's avenue"(Corso Vittorio Emanuele), the current position. The railway station should have an U-shaped structure (as in the previous project of Mans) with a transverse body linking the two lateral buildings used for services for travelers. The project is set up in 1860 and the construction begins in 1861. A little temporary pier is built in 1849, with the front in a more forward position (in direction of piazza Carlo Felice) than the current one. The building remains in operation until 1867.

The 1862 map shows the final position of the railway station and the blocks of the Porta Nuova expansion plan.

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