Progetto di un intero isolato

The aim of Alessandro Antonelli was to design not a single house but an entire block. The building he wants to erect with Magistrini and Cornaglia in fact includes the stile area of 8,700 square metter circumscribed by corso San Maurizio via Vanchiglia, Macelli and Artisti. The idea was a single building, divided into eight detached houses and porches on two sides. Casa Antonelli is presented as a very deep building with four floors above ground, which encloses the large block. It is an income house, where space is meticulously placed to profit, which can accommodate tenants of different classes and walks of life. The structure of the underground arches and the ground floor, with a distribution of the supports, favours the division of space into small units of two spans to the maximum. The fabrication of the block project was presented to the Building Council on May 11, 1846 and four days later, on May 15, it was discussed and approved by the Council.

Studio preliminare dell'isolato, anteriore all'elaborato presentato in municipio. (Fonte: G. BRINO e F. ROSSO 1972, p.32).

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