The development of the structure @ Chiesa dei Santi Pietro e Paolo

Of Irene Balzani

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The development of the structure

The ecclesiastical complex consists of two nuclei: the main one, the church, and the secondary one, the hermit's house. The church, in full Romanesque style, consists of a single nave, very small, apsidal and divided into two bays with wide arches. The bell tower is located in the middle of the façade, adjacent to the main façade and from which one enters. The plan clearly shows that the north wall is not square, the bell tower is offset from the building and there is a raised secondary entrance to the south. Studies of the structure, carried out at the beginning of the 20th century for the first restoration works, bring to light additions and later modifications such as the small building and some decorative elements. In addition, the various interpretations differ in some details from one another due to the difficulty of reading the building because of the dense surrounding vegetation that partially covers the structure.

1.Sketch of the plan of the monument by Paolo Costa (1960), later shared in 1973 by Patrizia Chierici Furno; 2. Version of the plan by Guido Forneris (1973); 3. Last existing survey by Irene Balzani (2017-2018).

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