Inauguration and management sharing

Starting from the inaugural day, June 1, 2015, the park is a place of re-appropriation of the surrounding inhabitants and becomes a point of experimentation of the "sharing pacts" that the Municipality promotes with the citizens through the "Regulations for the use of common goods". Urban Barriera helps to organize with the local committees a program of activities and opportunities aimed at the care and management of the park, trying to consolidate a culture of maintenance and attention that underlies the virtuous management of this type of welfare services urban. "It is not enough to make the transformations, which is not easy - explains the president of the District 6, Nadia Conticelli - but it is necessary that these places become part of the collective imagination. If the inhabitants will feel the park as proper, they will take care of it ".

Turin City Councillor La Volta cuts the inaugural ribbon with Luca Mercalli, the well-known climatologist, and Digo Novelli, the city's historic mayor in the 1970s.

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