New green assets @ Parco del Valentino

from Archivio storico Città di Torino

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New green assets

Since 1860, the Administrators' interest in the green city has grown. Barillet-Deschamps is entrusted with the arrangement not only of Valentino, but also of the Carlina, Susina, Bodoni, Vittorio and Ripari squares. A large part of his projects is realized to the north part of the park, while to the south is the contribution of the municipal councilor Sambuy which introduces sports and leisure facilities. The proposed solution vilifies the sense of a large park: big space for the promenades and little space for the trees, it looks like a flowery rocky garden (which is realized) while the large central basin is then replaced by the buildings of the most recent exhibitions.

Ernesto di Sambuy, chart of the transformation of the lands to the south of the Valentino, 1876.

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