La Fiat assorbe le Ferriere Piemontesi

On 7 December 1917, in the middle of the war period, the president of the Fiat group, Giovanni Agnelli, announced his entry into the iron and steel sector, developing an operation that led him to absorb the ironworks from Piedmont. At the end of the world war, Fiat undertook a work to enlarge the complex, an operation completed in 1920. The huge industrial district was spread over three different sectors: the rolling mills and foundries were located in the perimeter bordered by the streets of Orvieto, Verolengo, Borgaro and from Corso Mortara, corresponding to the Vitali area.

Il 7 dicembre 1917 il presidente del gruppo Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli, annuncia il proprio ingresso nel settore della siderurgia, acquisendo le Ferriere Piemontesi.

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