The galleries of Via Roma

In the old Via Roma there were two galleries, which disappeared with the demolition of the road and the blocks behind them. Inside there were elegant cinemas and shops, with wooden and cast iron devantures, stuccoes and decorations on the façade, representing the tastes of the bourgeoisie of the late nineteenth century. The National gallery, built on a project by Camillo Riccio in 1889 between via Roma via XX Settembre, Via Amendola and Buozzi, took up the canons of the Parisian passageways, with a large iron and glass cover.

L'immagine della cartolina riprende la Galleria Nazionale, con la grande copertura in vetro. Anche Torino segue la moda parigina dei passages coperti, animati da negozi e caffè eleganti.

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