King's pharmacy

Selected and restored in 2012 as a television set, the «Regia Farmacia Venti Settembre» (formerly «Schiaparelli») has rediscovered the antique walnut furnishings, the stained glass windows with the coats of arms, the ancient pottery, the bronze medallions of Esculapio and Galeno Schiaparelli, founder of the pharmaceutical company. Those were bought in 1824 from the "speziale" Giovanni Brero, dated back to 1711 when it was the pharmacy of the Metropolitan Seminary. He had clients, beyond the Royal House, also Cavour, Rattazzi, Quintino Sella and Cesare Pavese. Her specialties have amazing names: "Princess Jolanda's toilet cream", "Duchess gums' paste", "Elixir of long life"(with 42% alcohol by volume). Only one is still produced: the "Balm of Jerusalem", a digestive liqueur based on incense, myrrh and aloe, which is said to have been imported by the Crusaders with the Shroud.

The use as television set re-valued the internal ancient furnishings

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