A restaurant which made the urban history

Next to the theatre overlooking the square, the Ristorante del Cambio, (operating since 1757) is the centuries-old kingdom of the Turin gastronomy. It is famous for the quality of food and service, for the beauty of the 18th century decorations and for the historical customers, such as Cavour, Casanova, d'Annunzio and Agnelli. A plaque reminds the table where Camillo Cavour used to seat. Acccording to the tradition, the name of the restaurant is inspired by the fact that the horses of the carriages from Paris were changed in the square. A renovation work of the last years revived the restaurant, enhancing its historical halls with the addition of some contemporary works such as the Pistoletto mirrors and the opening of new rooms at the first floor and in the nearby pharmacy.

The restaurant sign

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