Juvarra's urban door @ Mercato di Porta Palazzo - Piazza Repubblica

from Archivio storico Città di Torino

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Juvarra's urban door

The intervention, similar to the other urban doors of Juvarra, with the fork open outwards, was completed in 1701 during a comprehensive renewal of the ancient city wished by Savoia. In 1781 De Rossi, in the New Guide for Turin, described it as following: “ SQUARE OF FUIT MARKET surrounded by big factories with coherent porches, ordered by the king Vittorio Amedeo II and based on the drawing of Chevalier D. Filippo Juvarra, where there is every kind of fruit wholesale, retail selling, and every Saturday there is also a sale of all sorts of clothing, having Porta Palazzo at the head, and at south a street that leads to the herbs square, enlarged in a straight line on the willingness of king Carlo Emanuele, adapted on the modern taste”.

The lithography "Piazza Emanuele Filiberto (Porta d'Italia), 1839" shows a space that has been preserved intact for over three centuries. At that time it appeared like all post-Napoleonic boulevards, built in place of the demolished walls.

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