The Juvarrs's square project @ Mercato di Porta Palazzo - Piazza Repubblica

from Museo Accorsi Ometto

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The Juvarrs's square project

The Juvarra's project involves the construction of an arcaded square as a new entrance to the city through the current Via Milano. The square is then enlarged in the 19th century and the eighteenth century buildings are returned to the corners of the square by proposing a similar architecture with equivalent lesenes and friezes, such as the bulls (western façades) and the lions (eastern façades). However, the square is designated as a market since the 1700s.

The Graneri's 1756 painting "Piazza del Mercato della frutta a Torino" is purchased in 2019 by the Museum Accorsi Ometto. In the same year, the video "Ventiquattr'ore a Porta Palazzo" was screened next to the painting.

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