The Duke’s rules, reaffirmed by the Royal Madame @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Carlo Morello from Archivio MuseoTorino

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The Duke’s rules, reaffirmed by the Royal Madame

The edict of 1621 provides that whoever wants to build must design "the factory according to the design of the said Castellamonte.." ; but Our Lady Christina must reiterate in 1646 "It is because many for their convenience do not manufacture the bodies of the houses over the most frequented districts but instead pull the walls of the courts and gardens.... That is why we command to build houses there up to street level, and bring in the inside courtyards and gardens". In 1678 Madame Real Giovanna Battista will have to impose again, with an edict, the buildings on the wire and with the same height of the cornice.

In the map you can see the many gardens of the "new city" that extend to the front of the block, without respecting the rules that imposed internal gardens and buildings on the road.

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