Precise control of urban design @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Carlo Domenico Serena from Madame Reali, cultura e potere da Parigi a Torino

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Precise control of urban design

In a map executed towards the end of the seventeenth century which includes a list of the owners of the lots, we can find the consistency and definition of the enlargement. The "new city" is formed through a precise design, determined by the central power, in particular by Madama Cristina, with functional farsightedness to military and administrative needs. The parcelling of land testifies to the control over the image of the city, but also over the destinations of the blocks. The noble families are given land to build their palaces according to the established plan, the many religious orders, called in the city by the sovereign, help to fill the gaps and to complete the design that is enriched with churches, convents and gardens.

The city's map is probably deduced from a drawing by Carlo di Castellamonte. It lists the names of owners and the most important buildings and convents.

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