The choices of magnificence by Madama Cristina @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Peter Bolkmann from Madame Reali, cultura e potere da Parigi a Torino

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The choices of magnificence by Madama Cristina

The choices of Madama Cristina for the embellishment of the new city continue in continuity with the projects of the beginning of the seventeenth century. The Royal Madama cares about the prestige and magnificence of the city, as witnessed by the Venetian ambassador Francesco Michiel, who in a visit to court in 1671, will say that the city "in itself nothing includes respectable, except that which was built by Madama Cristina, who with the magnificence of the factories and the union of new baloards has made it more conspicuous and better equipped".

In the image, the perspective of the new street starts from Piazza Castello, among the scenes of white buildings with uniform architecture.

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