The main characters of the scene @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Jan Miel from Madame Reali, cultura e potere da Parigi a Torino

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The main characters of the scene

The enlargement was inaugurated by Christina of France in 1620, returning to Turin from her marriage at the Louvre with the young Victor Amadeus, son of Charles Emmanuel I. The first Royal Madama will play a decisive role in the events of the duchy: will be years of intense building fervour to finish the construction site of the new city. The era of Christina is marked in large part by the war: the long conflict between France and Spain, causes a civil war between Madamists, pro-French close to Madame Christina and princesses, represented by Prince Tomaso of Carignano and supported by the entire Savoy court. Christina’s victory in 1642 legitimized her regency for twenty years, at the top of a duchy with a clear French imprint.

In the painting kept at the castle of Racconigi, the entrance to Turin in 1620 by Cristina di Borbone and Vittorio Amedeo, through the Porta Nuova, is still to be completed.

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