The first baroque palaces @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Tommaso Borgonio from Città di Torino, Theatrum Sabaudiae, Volume I, 1984

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The first baroque palaces

If in the first phase of the expansion the long and narrow lots of the New district are destined to a social class of merchants and craftsmen, in the second half of the seventeenth century, a new nobility, always in competition with the court, requires larger lots to make representative buildings. The first baroque palaces designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte - the Trucchi palaces of Levaldigi, Gonteri di Cavaglià and Lascaris - and by Guarino Guarini - Palazzo Carignano and Palazzo Provana of Collegno were born in the district, on the side streets of the uniform Nuova district; new and original architectures which, however, unlike other European examples, do not arrive at extreme forms, but to some extent adhere to the criteria of urban composition.

In the excerpt of the plan of the Theatrum Sabaudiae, it is evident the objective of showing the unitary and aulic character of the 17th-century capital. You notice the gardens of the palaces and convents inside the blocks.

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