A single project @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Mario Passanti

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A single project

On the main axis of the first Expansion are inserted two important parallel orthogonal axes, which delimit the north and south sides of the Piazza Reale and continue to the east and west: the districts of Santa Teresa and San Filippo (via S.Teresa and via M.Vittoria) and San Carlo and the Hospital (via Alfieri and via Giolitti). The two streets do not reach the same architectural unity of the New district and not even the same perspective effect, but the scenographic result is guaranteed by the individual buildings with unique and representative architecture. During the eighteenth century, even in these streets the curtains of the blocks will be compact and will reach a greater unity of the whole.

The drawing schematically represents the city with the entire first expansion realized, you notice the differences between the blocks of the square city and the new, larger axis. But always closed inside the orthogonous road network.

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