The Royal Square, the centre of the first enlargement @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

from Theatrum Sabaudiae 1682

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The Royal Square, the centre of the first enlargement

The Piazza Reale, designed by Castellamonte, is one of the first examples of Baroque urban scenery that precedes a few years similar realizations in other Italian cities (e.g. Piazza del Popolo in Rome in the 60s of the seventeenth century). The rigid external curtains, which correspond to the design imposed by the ducal architect, the same for all the palaces, open, through the hallways, to the interior gardens and backdrops that participate in the overall scenography. Remarkable is also the meeting of the square with the New district, with the two twin churches, placed almost to guard the enlargement. During the next century, the eighteenth century, churches and palaces will undergo enlargements and modifications, while maintaining the strong character of the initial design.

The table ofTheatrum Sabaudiae shows the finished Royal Square. The facades of the churches will actually be built later. You notice the contrast between the richness of the façades of the square and the simplicity of the fronts of the district Nuova.

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