The Contrada of Porta Nuova @ Il primo Ampliamento barocco

Of Filippo Juvarra

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The Contrada of Porta Nuova

The Porta Nuova is also designed by Carlo di Castellamonte; covered with marble, it represents the background and the focal point of the perspective. The facades of the Contrada Nuova, of simple and uniform design, characterized only by horizontal bands that run in correspondence of the cornices and of the different plans, result in function of the entire urban design, enhancing the perspective centered on the background of the scenography. On the fronts there are no vertical elements, such as pilasters and columns and even decorations that exalt the individuality of a building compared to the block or the entire street. At the opposite end of the perspective canal is the architecture of the Palazzo Ducale to emerge in contrast with the uniformity of the first stretch of the Via Nuova.

The image is an enlarged detail of the Juvarrian design, in which we can see the uniformity of the facades of the Contrada of Porta Nuova (second section of Via Roma), which accentuate the perspective channel centered on the Porta.

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